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 Accounts Receivable Services by TeamNK

TeamNK is an outsourcing accounts receivable firm which can help companies by easing the account services. the firm can provide companies with access to manpower and resources which will help in the collection of outstanding payments. The firm not only provides high quality accounting services, it offers virtual bookkeeping services. it also sends out weekly reports of their follow up with customers of partner companies including analysis and metrics pertaining to outstanding debt. 

Some benefits of partnering with TeamNK:

  • Better cash flow management for the business

  • Reduction in Bad Debts

  • Owners can focus on their business instead of managing receivables

  • Increase accounts receivable management efficiency

  • Improve customer services and satisfaction

  • Reduce administrative costs

  • Minimise credit risk

  • Financial protection

  • Decreased overhead costs

  • Saved time

  • Reduced human error